6th Grade Course Description

This course will introduce beginning art students to the fundamental techniques, processes and materials used to make two and three-dimensional art. Students will study and understand the elements and principles of design. The students will build a foundation in drawing while exploring and practicing with various media. The students will gain technical skills while developing critical thinking skills and learning a comprehensive visual vocabulary. Students will engage in discussions and critiques of their work while looking at art history so they can become effective communicators who participate in meaningful dialogues about art.

7th Grade Course Description

Students will build on the existing skills learned from the earlier 6th Art course and explore a variety of media including drawing, painting, design and three dimensional forms. Through these methods and mediums students will develop better art skills, methods, and the correct application of art tools. Students will observe, discuss and produce several methods of art production. Students will sculpt, draw and paint, using several different media, while learning to critique their own artwork in written form, reinforcing an ongoing visual vocabulary.

8th Grade Course Description

8th grade art continues to focus on the thought processes of the artist. Students will learn to make choices, based on the principles and elements of design, while continuing to build on vocabulary and techniques.  Many different styles of art will be studied and produced, giving students a wide variety of exposure to artists ideas, motivations and concepts.  Various cultures of the world will be studied through the use of their art and why different groups of people create art.  Various styles and techniques will be refined and students will have more choice-based projects reflecting their individual interests. 

Art Teacher