STEM Focus

STEM Focus

Longs Peak is proud to offer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses. Want to learn more about what STEM is? Check it out Here.

6th Grade STEM

6th Grade STEM is a quarter long, project based course that introduces students to various STEM fields along with the Engineering Design Process. Students have an opportunity to explore the design process through projects like paper airplane design, bridge design, and an introduction to robotics with Cubelets. Students use teamwork and creativity to problem solve and improve their designs. An important part of STEM is to also increase vocabulary and proficiency in expository reading and writing.

7th Grade STEM

7th Grade STEM is a semester long, project based course that extends students’ knowledge of various STEM fields and the Engineering Design Process. Students work together to learn about architectural design, bioengineering, and to design, build and launch rockets. Students go in depth with designing robotics using MOSS from Modular Robotics. Students finish the course with a research project on the many engineering careers that are available.

8th Grade Multimedia

8th Grade Multimedia is a semester long, project based course that focuses on digital media applications. Students discover the abundant creative uses of their iPads by learning the fundamental elements of photography and videography. Students are required to attend at least one after school activity (i.e. basketball game, band concert, etc.) to record and produce a highlight film. Students also will be capturing images and video’s of the 8th grade throughout the year and produce the 8th grade slideshow for the end of year ceremony.

8th Grade Computer Science

8th Grade Computer Science is a semester long, project based course that introduces students to the world of computer engineering and programming. Students start with learning the basics of hardware by dissecting and reconstructing a desktop computer. Students learn the basics of coding/programming through block coding and have the option to continue their learning with using various coding languages like python or java. Students get the opportunity to create and design 3D models along with 3D printing. Longs Peak is also proud to offer an experience with a quadcopter (drone), to program a gps based autopilot route to create a map of a location. Students build the skills needed to be successful in the computer science courses offered at Longmont High School.

Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics is a year long course that uses the VEX EDR robotics competition as the basis of it’s curriculum. Students design, program, and build a robot to best complete the competition presented by VEX. The competition consists of a 15 second autonomous (programmed) portion and a 1 minute and 45 second controller portion in which teams from various schools pair up to compete against 2 other teams. This course is a big commitment as students are required to participate in a couple Saturday tournaments in the Winter with the possibility of more if they win and go to State or World Championships. The majority of the class is 8th Graders with a few 7th Graders that are all in the class by invitation only. Talk to Mr. Rickman if you would like to be considered.