Gifted and Talented

Each year schools in St. Vrain Valley School District complete a process to identify students who demonstrate exceptional ability or performance in one or more academic areas and may, therefore, qualify for Gifted/Talented educational services.  These students usually perform at least two years above grade level in their strength area(s) and require additional academic challenges in order to support their continued educational growth and progress.  In addition, they usually demonstrate characteristics of unique creativity and high motivation in their strength areas.


The search for gifted/talented students begins with an opportunity for parents and/or teachers to refer students for review.  Once referrals are received, a team of educators evaluate  student state testing data, standardized test scores, rating scales and other school data to determine which assessments are needed in order to build the body of evidence and meet Board of Education approved criteria for identification.


If you believe that your child is demonstrating cognitive skills or academic/performance achievement above grade level peers, please pick up a nomination form from the LPMS office, or contact our school’s Gifted/Talented Teacher, Kelly Addington at   

Nominations will be taken through September 29.