School Profile


At Longs Peak Middle School, our staff and community work in partnership for the common goal of building the 21st century skills necessary to prepare all students for higher education. We are a college preparatory school implementing the College Board Pre-Advanced Placement curriculum. Our dedicated faculty values academic rigor while offering opportunities to enrich the character and experiences of the whole child, in a culturally diverse community.

Core Beliefs and Expectations

  • We build strong and supportive relationships with students, their families, and the extended Longs Peak community.
  • We educate our students in many ways, with our primary focus on improving student achievement while fostering rigorous academic, artistic and athletic experiences.
  • We value parental collaboration and communication and believe that they are essential to supporting students' academic and personal growth.

School Focus

Longs Peak focuses on the whole child with high academic and behavioral standards for all students. All grade level teachers use iReady Reading and Math assessments throughout the year to track student growth and individualize instruction to meet student's needs. A wide range of enrichment and targeted intervention classes are implemented based on data so that students maximize their learning potential. As a result, reading, writing, and math scores continue to increase as shown by CMAS test scores.