Tech-savvy students build foundation in computer science

St. Vrain Valley District students today are a tech-savvy generation who know their way around apps and mobile devices. But SVVSD educators are ensuring that students have a strong foundation in computer science beyond the touchscreen, covering areas like innovation, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and what it means to be a good digital citizen.  

Student involvement soars

The Mead Middle School band and orchestra hosted a standing room only show for their first concert of the year. Supportive parents, family members and community members lined the gym to show their support for the Halloween themed concert. Joshua Barnett, principal of Mead Middle School, spoke of the dramatic turnaround the orchestra had performed. “When we hired our new director [Megan Rubin] the eighth grade orchestra had three members. Now it has over twenty,” and those aren’t the only programs for MMS students to enjoy.

LPMS Fun Run- Help Support Our School

Longs Peak is putting on a Fun Run for the students from 2:15-3:15 on September 10th. Students have been given a packet of 5 Donor Tickets to sell. Each ticket is a receipt for your $5.00 donation. Students must sell at least 1 ticket to enter the Fun Run and participate. Each additional ticket they sell will get them tickets to use at the Fall Festival that same afternoon. The top selling student will win a Google Chromebook, the top selling class will win a pizza party, and the top selling class for each grade will win an ice cream party!

Longs Peak's Outdoor Adventure Club a success

The Colorado outdoors offers more than beauty. For students in the Longs Peak Adventure Club at Longs Peak Middle School, the outdoors offer opportunities for character building and personal growth.

This was the first year for the Longs Peak Adventure Club. Tim Bishop, principal at Longs Peak Middle, brought the idea with him from his prior school in Steamboat Springs. Bishop recognized the importance of getting kids involved in the world outside the classroom.